The freshest, healthiest foods can be easily found, and made quickly right before your eyes! With the combination of the healthiest ingredients from New Hampshire, and Ms. Helen’s traditional Korean recipes, a new type of food has been born in Concord, NH!


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Some of the Korean dishes can be difficult to pronounce at first glance. For your convenience, each individual food item has been given a new, memorable nickname to help you order. Learn about these now!

The vegetables found in these dishes may change over the course of the year,
depending on the freshest seasonally.

BI-BIM-BAP  [Mt. Washington]

The Taste of Harmony!

New Hampshire’s freshest meets the Korean chili paste to create a healthy, harmonious concoction!

Enjoy spicy foods? Bi-bim-bap isn’t your typical mouth-on-fire type of dish, but one that gives the perfect amount of heat to make your mouth water.

The Korean chili paste found in Go Food Basket’s Bi-Bim-Bap is unique in that it has been created by Ms. Helen using a secret family recipe, which has been passed down for generations.

$ 9.99

GIM-BAP  [53 mpg]

“Golden Ratios” : Less is More!

Most people automatically think that eating sushi is always the healthier option. Did you know that the calorie count on the average sushi roll, complete with cream cheese, spicy mayo, and tempura breadcrumbs for a little crunch, is higher than a Big Mac and fries? This is because there are too many ingredients packed into just a single roll.

Try Gim-Bap, a traditional Korean roll, today! With Ms. Helen’s minimal ingredients and seasonings, the best flavors are emphasized, also providing you with a health energy.

$ 6.99

BUL-GO-GI  [Mayflower]

Try Beef in a Whole New Way!

When one thinks about the history of the United States, The Mayflower is one of the oldest connected terms. Like so, Bul-Go-Gi is one of the oldest , most famous Korean dishes, which too, has successfully made its voyage here today.

Bul-Go-Gi is listed at number 23 on the World’s 50 Most Delicious Foods, based on a reader’s poll compiled by CNN Go in 2011.

Now, you will be able to try the freshest Bul-Go-Gi right in Concord! This dish is served with a side of steamed white rice and two side dishes. Go, Bul-Go-Gi!

$ 8.99


No Need to Vote!

Ms. Helen’s Philly steak is second to none.

Over the course of 10 years, Ms. Helen has mastered the skill of creating the perfect steak & cheese while owning her business in Philadelphia.

In moving to Concord, she has made this available to the people of New England!

Small $ 6.99 / Large $ 8.99


Real Food, Real Fast!

The freshest ingredients always create the best products.

Order a sub at Go Food Basket, and you can witness its creation right before your eyes! Watch as your meats are sliced to order, and artfully placed into a freshly baked roll!

Veggies? No problem! Ms. Helen provides a wide array of freshly cut veggies to give your sandwich the crunch it needs.
From hand-sliced cheeses, pickles, and fresh veggies, you won’t be disappointed!

Kimchi Parade!

You’re A Lucky Duck!

Out of curiosity, have you ever purchased a jar or can of Kim-Chi from your local grocery store? If this is the case, unfortunately, you haven’t tried the “REAL” thing. Travel all around New England, and still, you won’t find anything better!

Did you know that kimchi comes in all different tastes, shapes, and sizes? Most people believe that kimchi is a cabbage-based food. While this typically the case, it is also frequently found made with various other vegetables.

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Additional Specialties!

Love Korean food? Bring the goodness back home with you! With the freshest seasonal ingredients, various items will be made to stock Go Food Basket’s fridges full!

Traveling Up North?

If you are heading north (89 or 93), stop in Concord, NH!

Stuck in traffic? Tired of being in your car? Take a break at White Park, just a couple blocks down from Go Food Basket, before continuing on to your final destination.

Introducing Go Food Basket’s Newest Challenge.

25 years have gone by since Mr. Han and his family immigrated to the United States. Over the course of that time, not once did they rest during this marathon. Just as many other immigrants, they have worked hard and lived a difficult life, but instead of dreaming of a jackpot, they lived their lives with their children, grateful for what they had.

Now, their children have grown; they have become tired of their daily routines and responsibilities of running their own business. But instead of preparing for their retirement, they have chosen to take on a new challenge.

Go Food Basket is a Korean-American convenience store. In addition to daily necessities, this store also offers Korean cuisine, which at first, was a difficult addition due to New Hampshire’s lack of an asian population. While this has been the case, those who have tried Mrs. Han’s Korean food can’t get enough and continue to come back for more!